The word radiesthesia contains the words radius (the beam) and esthesia (sensitivity, as opposed to anesthesia which means “insensitivity”).

Every living being is radiation sensitive (and field sensitive, e.g. magnetic field), otherwise there would not have been any survivors in the many millions of years. A tree turns and bends and forms its branches into one direction, the direction that energetically balances the deficit of its location. Desert animals find a vital water source in due time. The dog sits down where he feels at ease and avoids other places (where a cat would feel at ease). The farmer knew where to drill wells and where at no account he would build the stables.

By moving away from nature after “enlightenment”, the trained dominance of reason and the purely material visions of modern society people lost their natural ability to feel. The original inhabitant still feels the disaster of a tsunami wave coming, the tourist is more likely to run towards it. Civilised people no longer pay attention to the anxiety of animals hours before an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

However, that lost ability can still be found deep within us. We can remember it, retrieve it and cultivate it. To visualise the impact of the feeling via brain, nerves and muscular responses we need tools, for muscular elongation so to speak. These are pendulum, dowsing rod, single hand rod, searching rod, Lecher-antenna, H3-antenna.

The old Egyptians, the Chinese emperor, the medieval prospectors worked with similar tools and some well diggers looking for water in dry zones still use them. They even use the rod to be informed about the depth, the available quantity, the quality, the flow rate and direction. Only then the expensive and heavy drill equipment is bought and installed. The success rate is more than 97%!

One of the oldest dowers that has gone “on record” was Moses. The bible describes how he hit a rock with a rod and water gushed out. This from the perspective of his eye witnesses. In fact Moses was looking for water on behalf of his people by positioning a forked rod in a certain way over his index finger and the base of his thumb. As tests have shown such a tool still works even now.

The human being as the most sensitive measuring instrument (Sir Goethe roughly quoted) can detect subterranean water flows, geological faults, geological breaks, several geomagnetic grids, caves, energetically wasting or recharging locations. He can determine stress units via the bed place, the Bovis units in front of an altar or the response distance to a sacred source (the right hand polarised radiation, the vitality of water). He can even locate mobile phone radiation and electricity when he calibrates himself to do so.

The human being can detect the inadequate provision of negative ions in room air. In the supermarket he can use the pendulum to find out whether the tomatoes are contaminated or eatable. He can detect abnormalities in the earth’s magnetic field. He even detects föhn weather (even with rod, “just” by headaches). By swinging he can find out whether the boulder stones of an old church wall have a positive pole outside or not. He can apply test tubes or use a bioresonance device when he knows the frequencies. A lot of this can be evidenced against professional sceptics by means of technical measurement instruments (voltmeter, high-frequency measurement instruments, geomagnetometer, scintillation counter, Geiger counter, skin resistance measurement instruments, blood pressure measurement instruments, EEG, dark field microscopy). It is more costly to simply drill a hole to determine whether the water is there!