Interference suppression

Interference suppression in this context refers to interference fields / zones caused by electrical and magnetic alternating fields, high-frequency radiation and earth radiation. The expressions „interference fields“ and „interference zones“ are often used synonymously. „Interference zones“ were also understood to be locally limited zones or areas, on which disturbances were observed. They become more important when they could harm our health and we cannot avoid them, because we often or on a regular base want to or have to spend several hours there.


The harmful radiation in your bedroom or work e.g. can be much stronger than the body’s own energies. This can change the bioenergetic right-turning motion in our cells into a left-turning motion with consequences for e.g. the acid-base-balance and the immune system. The dominant frequencies of the radiation exposure can superimpose the natural brain oscillations, create stress and even dysfunction. The consequences can be, apart from other symptoms, restlessness, inability to concentrate, headaches, back problems, immune weakness, insomnia and even worse. Wolfgang Priggen has shown us this at our congress in great detail.


The possibilities of interference suppression are limited. Except in case of shielding, after which there is no more or hardly any radiation left, radiation is often preserved; it can only be dimmed, be better tolerated (harmonised), be partly neutralised within a limited field or be locally deviated (it reappears in another area).


Apart from physical shielding the following procedures are used:

Interference (extinguishing effect due to phase shifting by half of the wave length in case of  uperimposing and same amplitude), inversion (reversal of a radiation spectrum) or suppression (deflection by antenna effective installations in interference suppression mats). Sometimes all that is left is the escape, e.g. changing house.

Alternating current

Electric fields are generated by the voltage present in electric cables in walls or visible cables. As soon as current flows, e.g. when a light is switched on, additional magnetic fields are generated.

A strong physical reduction is possible by twisted cables, by shielded cables / switches / connector strips / sockets, by network activators in the fuse box, by spacers and by not using materials that can be charged and become radiators themselves (e.g. innerspring mattresses) or by not using electric devices (e.g. electric motor for adjusting the slatted bed frame).

The interference of fields coming from below (e.g. in the floor beneath a bed, often from cables installed in the ceiling of the apartment underneath) can be suppressed by a special mat that must be grounded.

Furthermore, there are possibilities for neutralisation or harmonisation. With harmonisation the rod in front of a socket would not rotate to the left any more, but to the right. Physically the voltage is still present.

The magnetic part is difficult to shield off and very costly. Worth mentioning is MU metal with which e.g. a conducting part can be encased.

High-frequency radiation

High-frequency electromagnetic radiation, pulsed or unpulsed, often available around the clock, be it in the district where you live, in the direct vicinity, in a house or at home, is generated by mobile network transmitters, from your own base station, the mobile telephone, the WLAN installation or Bluetooth use.

External radiation could be shielded for more than 99% with a special fine copper mesh that is located underneath the external plaster or, where appropriate, underneath the roof or rather the internal plaster or wallpaper, and then is grounded. Here one speaks from genuine “shielding”. In case of only weak radiation exposure an internal coating with a special shielding paint, also grounded, is sufficient. Grounding is not necessary because of the high-frequency radiation, but because of the alternating current that is used for devices within the shielded area.

Do not forget the windows here! Here you may use fine mosquito netting from the do-it-yourself store, attached like a roller blind.

Shielding must be carried out very conscientiously. When radiation enters an unshielded wall and hits the facing, shielded wall, it is reflected and present in double strength.

Those who cannot or do not want to give up on WLAN, have the opportunity to reduce the performance to a level that functionality is still just about provided. It protects the neighbours at the same time. Conversely, on his part the neighbour may be motivated to slow down his installation. At night the installation must be switched off completely (if nothing else is possible, pull the plug).

There are increasingly DECT telephones low in radiation or so, that the base station only transmits when a call is made. Depending on the distance of the mobile part of the base station less power is used for transmitting, therefore the radiation intensity decreases.

If external shielding is too expensive or not possible (e.g. in rental houses) the possibility remains to shield the sleeping area with a special net (silver threads/cotton fabric or silver threads/synthetic fibres). The construction looks like a mosquito netting or (more comfortable) like a bed with baldachin and textile all around on 5 or even 6 sides. No grounding is necessary. However, the bedside lamp and the alarm clock must be on the other side of the shielding. (Of course the heating pad and electrical motor to adjust the bed don’t stand a chance.)

Earth ratiation

There are various opportunities for interference suppression:

Field change according to prof. Eike Hensch through purely natural measurements (planting of box trees or placement of limestone plates (water vein), placement of fieldstones indoors, installation of an opus spicatum in the masonry, placement of cornerstones at the 4 corners of the house with correct alignment of polarities (the effect is that of one within a stone circle)).

Products manufactured with natural materials like mats, cork, wood, granulated rock compound. Often the effect lessens here after some time due to charging. The material must be renewed.

Technical products like the biofieldformer (neutralisation of the interference fields), interference suppression mats with special installation like e.g. oscillating circuits, (displacement of the interference fields), harmonisation products (rod rotation to the right, before to the left), pyramids or differently shaped products based on the sacred geometry (that additionally have a positive impact on chakras), systems of combinations of various informed components.

Nature does it herself (a birch tree not far from a water vein that runs parallel to the house is attracted to the water vein and is thus drawn away from the house).

Auto suggestion: In brain research it was determined that after -ineffective- interference suppression measurements were taken (radiation was still present after technical measurement with high-frequency measuring device or Geomagnetometer) the organism dealt differently with the situation than before. (Maybe science didn’t recognise harmonisation, e.g. that the single hand rod before a socket is oscillating to the right now instead of to the left, although the electrical field is still present.)


Because a reduction of the interference fields is a basic requirement for far-reaching and successful therapeutic measures, therapists are advised to contact an experienced, reliable dowser and just such a building biologist. It is not rare to get to know someone that fulfils both conditions. Building biologists Mr. Wolfgang Priggen (external) and Mr. Jürgen Harder (VFS-member) can be approached via the VFS-offices, as Mr. Christian Adomadt can be approached via Rayonex.

Food for thoughts

This is basically a justified question: which interference suppression works how and how safe on which body level? Although everybody made his own experiences and expresses his own view, a complete solution seems not to have been found so far.

An example: a few months ago I stayed the night as a guest in the house of a befriended landscape architect and geomancer. At night I woke up with heart problems I never felt before. Immediately I took a test using a dowsing rod and a single hand rod and promptly found a strong fault plus a Curry grid-crossing in the bed area where the upper part of the body was located. The only option in this tiny little room was to lie down in bed the wrong way around. This time the problem area was my knee.

The next morning I described my „experience“. The answer was: „But I suppressed the interference! And indeed I found a piece of paper under the bedside table with a lemniscate drawn onto it with a felt-tipped pen.

Thereupon my reasoning was that this, or a similar measure, results into some kind of mental self-protection of the person acting and also of the person this measure is applied to and therefore knows about it. I am also thinking of house or bed place harmonisation on a mental basis. The measure clearly doesn’t show any effect when applied to a person that is not involved. Fact is that in this case the earth radiation is still present and it can be muted by any dowser and also be clearly demonstrated by means of the Geomagnetometer.

Depending on maturity one can -more or less- stabilise mentally to an extent that, e.g. in the situation described above, the spiritual level remains balanced, no stress is created on the physical level, nerve and hormone systems remain „quite“ and keep functioning „normally“. But for how long? What really happens on the physical level in the total organism on medium-term, with influences on the other body levels?

We should be careful not to delude ourselves because there are virtually unlimited influences that we are exposed to daily and that do us no good, and surely not merely influence us additively.

The building biologist „plays it safe“ and physically reduces as much as possible, as good as they can. Further measures may still improve the quality of the harmony of space, well-being, chakras and the mental balance.