Objectives of the Association

As a non-profit society, the association pursues the objective to promote and to support science, research, education and continuing education in the field of vibrational medicine and related procedures of diagnosis, analysis and therapy, and to contribute to its development.

This is accomplished by our own research activities, sponsorship of research projects, and by offering the therapeutic experiences of our member circle.

Included are bioresonance and building biology procedures as well as radiesthetic, and geomantic methods and procedures.

Information on research results and practical experiences is made available to doctors, therapists, patients and persons who are interested in the medical field through publications, further development measures and forums. This allows for an exchange of information and experiences.

From which it follows that it is our concern to represent the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of vibrational medicine as a valuable complement and alternative to the therapy measures of conventional medicine and the products of the pharmaceutical industry, and to make these possibilities known.

You can view the Articles of Association which are available in pdf format for download.